Not too long ago, compression socks were ugly, boring, and mostly for hospital patients just out of surgery. But they have lots of benefits for everyone — from thriving during pregnancy to hitting your stride in a workout. That’s why VIM & VIGR was created: to blend the highest quality medical compression socks with a sophisticated and fun style, so everyone could wear and enjoy the benefits of compression. VIM & VIGR’s founder, Michelle Huie, had spent long hours sitting at desks while working in the tech industry — and during a visit to a physical therapist, she was inspired to create this great company.

She called on JENCO to brand the newborn company in 2013. We started out working with a previously created logo for the brand – a vibrant wordmark that had a playful touch using an upside-down ampersand (&) symbol. We created an art direction that incorporated beautiful photography, striking colors, and established a brand tone that’s strong, energetic, and fun. Then, we carried the brand across every other aspect of the business, including packaging, collateral, website, trade show booths and  digital marketing.

Today, the company is growing fast. The brand is friendly and approachable for women and men. We’re sure they’re gonna go far, and we’re glad we got to help them look great along the way.

All photography done by Athena Photography

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    VIM & VIGR
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