Eileen Rafferty

Eileen Rafferty is a prominent visual artist and teacher based in Missoula, Montana. With a need to promote her workshops and consulting business, Eileen reached out to JENCO to produce a visual brand, collateral suite, and website that could capture her unique vision as an artist and translate it into effective marketing materials.

Working with a visual artist meant tons of visual inspiration to use in our design work. So we started out by producing a visual mood board to set a guiding art direction that could, despite the varied approaches of Eileen’s work, provide a consistent brand look. We wanted the logo to have an abstract, free-spirited nature that could match up to Eileen’s style and spirit. Inspired by Eileen’s use of circles, one of the hallmarks of her artwork, we created a logo using imperfect circles that feels light and fresh, while also helping assure prospective students that the artistic process isn’t about perfection, but the pursuit of one’s own expression.

Beyond the brand, we took the established art direction and produced a suite of print collateral, as well as designed, wrote, and coded a simple yet expressive website that showcased Eileen’s work while providing a clear, cohesive presentation about her services. It’s not often that the work we do starts with such a beautiful base of art assets, so we were happy to help Eileen provide her business a big step forward.

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    Eileen Rafferty
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    branding Copywriting Digital Print